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How to Conduct a Cost-effective PR and Marketing Communications Program

An effective PR and marketing communications program does not have to be cost prohibitive. If you employ the right methodologies, your company can conduct an effective marketing program at very reasonable costs. Careful planning and use of targeted, integrated resources are critical to the implementation of a cost-efficient marketing program. Your objectives should be:

  • Increase your company’s name exposure on the web and in healthcare trade journals; therefore, building your company’s identity and expertise in the minds’ of potential prospects.
  • Build the identity of your company’s brand names and your products’ capabilities in the minds’ of prospects.
  • Produce sales leads

The first step is to develop your marketing message(s) with the most compelling value proposition statement(s) possible – what’s in it for your prospects. You must then put these messages into a series of cost-effective marketing communication activities/media. These marketing messages should be delivered on a carefully planned, ongoing basis, to your target audiences.

Communications Methodologies:

  • Customer-focused Product Data Sheets/Brochures
  • Web site copywriting that is oriented to your prospects’ needs and how your company fulfills those needs. Web site design that is easy to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm visitors with “gee whiz” graphic elements
  • Proactive media relations program that keeps your company’s name and what you do in front of prospects and continually builds Google citations with your key search words
  • Client case studies that prove you have solved the challenges your prospects are facing
  • Industry white papers that show you have the required knowledge to produce the solutions your prospects need
  • Industry articles that build your expertise in your product niche
  • Ongoing e-mail blasts that build your reputation, increase identity and produce sales leads
  • E-newsletters that provide a communication medium with prospects to accomplish a myriad of positive marketing activities
  • Webinars that build your expertise and produce sales leads
  • Speaking opportunities that increase your company’s recognition and build your industry reputation.

The foregoing marketing communications activities require only modest expenditures or no expenditures at all – with the exception of engaging someone to conduct the campaign. If you would be interested in conducting a cost-effective marketing communications program like the one outlined here, contact River Bend Marketing. We charge a very reasonable fee, that almost any company can afford, for conducting a program like the one detailed above.

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